2012. december 11., kedd

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player

SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player

MP3- player wit 4 GB storage and fantastic audio quality.
It has FM radio, long-life battery, and integrated voice recorder.
Some reviews from Amazon.comsandisk :
5.0 out of 5 stars Great upgrade to an already great budget player September 9, 2009
Color Name:Black|Size Name:4GB
If all you are looking for is a great sounding, small, cheap mp3 player with a display and expandability options, then the clip + is your best choice. This is very similar to the old clip with the following major differences:

- two minor button placement changes (improvement)
- UI is a bit smoother (menus scroll now)
- volume normalizing/gain
- micro-SD slot for up to 16 added gigs (which is huge)
- a little thicker, probably due to SD support
- clip is no longer removable (depending on your preference, this is a good or bad thing-guess you could just rip it off and file it down if you wanted to)
As always, it sounds great and blows away the iPod Shuffle in terms of value. So light and small--great for the gym. If you need your mp3 player to play games, surf the internet or serve double purpose as a grocery list, then this isn't for you, but if you're on a budget or just need something that plays music and does so well, this is the one."

5.0 out of 5 stars Great MP3 player. Perfect for listening to audiobooks.,December 10, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
Purchased this from Amazon back in May 2011. Use it every day - mostly to listen to audiobooks on the way to work and during workouts. It is still going strong after a year and a half with excellent battery life."

4.0 out of 5 stars Great priceDecember 10, 2012
Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?)
This review is from: SanDisk Sansa Clip+ 4 GB MP3 Player (Black) (Electronics)
I bought myself the same mp3 player at Radio Shack for $60.00. Only paid $40.00 on Amazon. . I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend. I've had mine 2 years. So far so good. The longest I"ve ever had an mp3 player last is three years. I work outside, so they take a beating. So far this has been a good one. I bought the silicone cover also. Hopefully that will prolong it's life."

2012. november 21., szerda

Pioneer AVH-P4400BH 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver for your iPod music

Pioneer AVH-P4400BH 2-DIN Multimedia DVD Receiver for your iPod in your car

It has a 7" motorized touchscreen display, built-in Bluetooth for hands-free calling and audio streaming, and an HD Radio tuner, and it can work with your iPod.
Some review from the shop

  "It a really good Reciever I just wich all the feeters would be compatible with the I Phone 5. Other than That Its xcelent For its price"

"I love this stereo probably the best i had so far it was also easy to install. Pioneer even made it easier to connect a Bluetooth"

"I received my Pioneer AVH-P4400BH dvd receiver in excellent condition. My installer had it installed in a very short time with no problems. All features were as advertised. This is a beautiful radio and I am very happy with it and with my shopping experience."


2012. november 8., csütörtök

Boss 612UA MP3-Compatible Digital Media AM/FM Receiver

Boss 612UA MP3-Compatible Digital Media for listening to iPod in car

The 612UA is the perfect choice for a receiver for each of your digital music. It contains the necessities for having fun the media such AM/FM radio, USB port for playback of digital files, and a 3.5mm auxiliary input to listen to iPod in car (or other MP3 player). This is a "mech-less" receiver meaning there are no mechanical parts since it doesn't play back discs or cassettes.

Some review from Amazon.com:
5.0 out of 5 stars
"I installed this on a 2000 Oldsmodbile Alero and I had no issues. Just made sure that I matched the color connectors and hooked it up with the existing harness and voila, it worked. Also purchased an auxiliary cable to hook up with MP3 player and it worked like a charm. Lots of powers (200W) and could receive AM/FM signals. This unit has no CD player and is replaced by an SD Card which is fine. CD's are almost the thing of the past. All in all, I recommend this Boss 612UA car stereo/mp3 player/am/fm receiver."

3.0 out of 5 stars "Good price for the features offered, know it's limitations!"
"Pros: price, both USB & SD(HC), id3 tag display, and sound quality. Cons: crappy docmentasen [sic;], warranty will cost you, and the mp3 read order. I did the research and knew what to expect for the price I was willing to pay. The unit therefore meets my needs; the sound exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised that it takes 8GB SDHC media. Not so happy that it did not have standard mounting screw holes, in fact no mounting holes; easy to fix. One of my dislikes is that mp3 files are read in the order written to the USB/SD, not in alpha-numeric order. It therefore requires a bit of planning when putting a larger number of folders (albums) on the device (and even more planning for Mac users...hint rsync really helps!). Nice ability to skip forward & backwards by ten songs or by an entire folder (album), and doesn't have a problem with nested folders, but remember it plays files in the order written, not in the order your file system might show them to you! The other dislike is no illumination control (for night driving)."

5.0 out of 5 stars "Fantastic unit even for twice the asking price!"
"I threw this into my winter beater since it was only five bucks more than what the junkyard wanted for a factory unit. I gotta say, this thing is worth the money as long as it lasts (only had it for a week). The tuner pulls in stations as well as a factory GM unit, and will even fill your presets automatically if you wish! Aux, SD and USB all work great. It took a 8 gig SD with no problem, which I have problems with my other mechless reciever in a different car. The clock is tricky to set, but at least you have one, unlike my other mechless unit. Since the manual is worthless, this is how to set the clock: /// 1)Hold the mode/clk button for about two seconds and clock will appear. 2) Release button and immediately press again for two more seconds; clock will flash, release button. 3) use volume knob to adjust hour. 4) Depress volume button, and minutes will flash, again use the volume to adjust minutes. 5) Clock is now set. //// However, I have not discovered how to constantly display the clock. You have to hold the mode/clk button for two seconds every time you want to see the time. My other mechless reciever is the Dual XR4110, and it will be replaced with one of these come spring time as long as everything keeps working well. This thing is awesome, love it!"

2012. október 29., hétfő

iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System for iPod Touch

iHealth Blood Pressure Monitoring System for iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad

Your iPod with iHealth can be a Blood Pressure Monitoring System. It have a diary for tracking BP measurements. It can track your blood pressure changes via graphs, and summarize your statistics by time, date, and WHO classification. Track: iHealth records your systolic and diastolic pressures, heart rate, measurement time, and pulse-wave graph. 

 From reviews: 

"In summary, easy to use, good visual readouts, full data storage, intelligent use of iPhone / iPad capabilities. 
 Is it perfect ? No. Improvements could include : WiFi connection instead of docking (see Withings WiFi Weigh Scale); time-based horizontal axis on graphical display instead of just sequential data points (again, see Withings charting); ability to export .csv data file for backup instead of just data table for sharing; ability to restore or add data from .csv backup file." 

"As a cardiologist, I have used this machine over the past five days, taking a manual blood pressure, and then using the iHome blood pressure machine on my patients. I admit surprise in that the machine is very accurate. In one patient (with a thick shirt on) it was 10mmHg off, but otherwise, it is ususally within 5mmHg of my independent reading." 

"While I like that this is one more component for my iPhone, I'm not certain if the readouts are accurate. Reading is consistently lower than reading at doctors office."


2012. október 28., vasárnap

KOKKIA i10sWatch The Ultimate Watch.

KOKKIA i10sWatch The Ultimate Watch. (i10s Luxurious Black, with iWatch Black iPod Nano 6G wrist band) Tiny Bluetooth iPod Transmitter with iPod Nano 6G wrist band

i10s transmits stereo audio from iPods, iPhones, iPads wirelessly to compatible Bluetooth receivers. It works with iPad, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, iPhone (1st gen), iPod touch (1st-4th gen), iPod nano (1st,2nd,3rd,4th,5th and latest 6th gen tiny iPod nano), iPod classic (80,120,160GB).

From the reviews:
"I purchased this adapter and watchband for my IPOD nano (6th generation). I wanted an adapter that would allow me to utilize a bluetooth headset while running. I could not be happier with this product. It is very compact in size and was extremely easy to pair with my motorola bluetooth headset. The watchband holds the ipod well and is rubber so it is ideal for working out."

"I have had to problem with the bluetooth adapter portion of this package. The only thing wrong with it is the flimsy band that began to tear after a couple of weeks."

"This product works well and is as advertised. I would easily recommend this product for those wanting a bluetooth attachment for an ipod."


2012. október 23., kedd

Using iPod in car - with Boss 822UA In-Dash Double-Din CD/MP3 Receiver

Boss 822UA In-Dash Double-Din CD/MP3 Receiver

It has a front-panel mini jack (3.5mm) input to using iPod in car, and it has a front-panel USB port and SD Card jack.

Reviews from Amazon.com:

(5 out of 5 stars) "This Radio rocks. The Features are incredible. The sounds is owesome with the original speakers."

(5 out of 5 stars) "All in all very pleased with this radio, very easy to instal using the installation kit and the correct wiring harness. The sound is great, it makes the stock speakers sound like they are a really good aftermarket brand. The only negative is it takes the cd longer to load up then I would have anticipated."

(3 out of 5 stars) "Good radio but not standard size. Width and height are OK but Depth is over-sized! Standard DIN depth is 6.25 inches, this unit is over 7. If you have a limited install depth (as in a dash) be sure to measure first. To be even safer measure the depth of the radio you are replacing."

(5 out of 5 stars) "Very Good Product, it has every thing I need, SD Card, Flash Drive, CD, Radio. I recommend it to everyone."

2012. október 22., hétfő

Bandai SmartPet Robot Dog Smart Pet smartphone for iPhone, iPod

Bandai SmartPet Robot Dog Smart Pet smartphone for iPhone, iPod
(From Japan Trend Shop)
It can do things what sees by the camera, and you can control it via the touchscreen of your iPod, too.

Here you can see a video about it:

2012. október 18., csütörtök

Kenwood KDC248U In-Dash Head Unit Car Stereo

Kenwood KDC248U In-Dash Head Unit Car Stereo

Making it easy to connect, search, select and enjoy music from your iPod® or iPhone®. In addition the Kenwood KDC248U In-Dash Head Unit Car Stereo features a front auxiliary input that easily accepts the headphone output of a portable music player or smart-phone and a remote control.

The Kenwood KDC248U In-Dash Head Unit Car Stereo is a great sounding receiver with multiple connectivity options all at a great price.

Most Recent Customer Reviews:

  5.0 out of 5 stars great head unit
  Bought this to put into a custom radio i built for work. Basically a 4 ft tall wooden box on wheels with this and 4 6x9's in it powered by a marine 12v battery. 
Published 1 month ago by Ryan 

3.0 out of 5 stars Kenwood KDC248U - good with frustrating features

Purchased two units, one for my 2005 Ford Focus, the second for my 1993 Ford Ranger pickup. They play CDs well, coping with scratches better than the Sanyo FXCD-550. Published 2 months ago by pw2buz

2012. október 17., szerda

i.Sound Game Wheel for iPod Touch and iPhone

i.Sound Game Wheel for iPod Touch and iPhone:

Product info: "Enhance your racing experience with the GameWheel for iPhone and iPod touch. The GameWheel is custom designed to improve comfort and control while adding realism and enjoyment to any racing game application. The GameWheel’s slim form makes it perfect for gaming at home or on the road, and the easy to use snap-in design makes device installation a breeze."

2012. október 16., kedd

Home Karaoke System for iPod

Home Karaoke System for iPod

Product description from Amazon.com:

"Memorex SingStand is revolutionizing the way you interact with music--now you can be a star! Memorex SingStand microphone speaker system allows you to sing along with music from iPod or any MP3 device with a headphone jack. Impress your friends and family with voice control and echo effects, giving them a stellar vocal performance, then connect your own musical instruments for a truly amazing show. The full-range speakers, built into the base, offer quality sound, and if you feel like sharing the spotlight, SingStand comes equipped with dual microphone inputs for duet performances."

Reviews from Amazon.com:

"I purchased this last christmas for my girls, 9 and 6. They absolutely LOVE it. It makes them feel like real performers. If you download the karaoke songs from iTunes, while in iTunes, right-click on the song and go to the "Lyrics" tab. I then go to the internet and look up the songs lyrics. I copy and paste the words under the "Lyrics" tab in iTunes. When you connect the ipod to the microphone stand, when you select the karaoke song, the lyrics show up on the screen! I would definitely recommend this product!"

"I'm 70 years young, live alone, so I haven't disturbed anyone while having fun with my new "toy." It is well made and should give many years of enjoyment."

"I would give it a 5 star but a lot of times when I put the microphone on the stand it would make a weird vibration noise"


2012. október 15., hétfő

iDroid - the iPod controlled robot

iDroid - the iPod controlled robot

iDroid is the world's first robot which can be controlled by Smart phones! Download the free apps and connect iDroid with Bluetooth! Your iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad would be its remote control!

iDroid is the newest product of MIDbot series. It contains 9 motors for you to control! It can perform humanoid actions such as body joints movement. With the newest and innovative design in Hong Kong, we believe it would be the most attractive Smartphone toy in this generation!

You don't need a fixed remote controller, with your iOS devices, you may also experience the control of freedom of playing iDroid! Just press and release you fingers, the signals would transmit to iDroid directly!
More details on Brando.com

2012. október 14., vasárnap

Sony ICF-C05iP Clock Radio for iPod (Black)

Sony ICF-C05iP Clock Radio for iPod (Black)

Product Features

  • Compatibility: iPod mini; iPod nano 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, 5G; iPod classic 4G, 5G, 5.5G, 6G; iPod touch 1G, 2G; iPhone 1G, 3G, 3GS
  • Wake or sleep to iPod/iPhone, FM radio, or buzzer
  • Digital FM radio tuner with 20 user presets
  • Sleep timer adjustable to 15, 30, 60, or 90 minutes
  • Backup battery keeps time in the event of power outages

Product Description

- Sony iPod dock alarm clock
- Extendable snooze/brightness control
- Dock tray for iPod and iPhone
- Alarm setting button
- Sleep timer
- Digital tuning with 20 station presets
- Speaker

Amazon.comipod accessories

2012. október 13., szombat

Listen to iPod in car - with Soundfly SD WMA/MP3 Player Car Fm Transmitter for iPod.

Many arе enjoying on thе convenience of iPod when іt comes to music. Listening tо iPod music can help уоu rejuvenate аnd make yоur mood good аnԁ happy. To get a good quality of iPod car adapter you will need to spend ѕomе amount оn it.

Buying iPod car dock will depends on thе cost anԁ quality. The higher thе cost оthеr says the quality іѕ good. With you iPod yоu can take іt anytime yоu want аnd аny places you want undеr thе sun. You can listen all day long untіl thе battery of the iPod will finish. With thе use оf adapter, the iPod became mоre portable аnԁ flexible. There аrе types of adapter thаt уоu can choose and use. Adapter like Wireless type, Built in jack type аnԁ cassette type.

However іt may disrupt somе оf the signals of уоur stereo іf уou will use thе cassette type adapter. Others adapter offers advantages like it suited tо the design оf thе car IP оr customize design. Many online stores offer different types, designs аnd specification of iPod car adapters.

You will hаve thе glory to select thousands of stores anԁ others wherе they offer different kinds of promos. All of theѕе hаvе strengths аnԁ weaknesses. It іs suggested tо ԁo complete research about theѕе gadgets ѕо thаt yоu аrе able tо choose the best one.


2012. október 11., csütörtök

Coby MP620-8GBLK 8 GB 1.8 Inch Video MP3 Player with FM Radio

Coby MP620-8GBLK 8 GB 1.8 Inch Video MP3 Player with FM Radio

From Amazon.com:
"Introducing the Coby MP620 Video and MP3 Player. This player combines the features you expect with easy-to-use controls refined by years of experience. Enjoy digital video and audio everywhere you go with its 1.8" TFT LCD full-color screen. Up to 8 GB of memory gives you plenty of storage for music, videos, photos, and text. Coby Media Manager software included for easy and hassle-free media syncing.What's in the box: Coby MP620 MP3 Player (Black), Stereo Earphones, USB Cable and 90-Day Limited Warranty.Audio Format Support: MP3, WMA, Video Format Support: MTV, Photo Format Support: JPG, Text Format Support: TXT.Battery Life Audio Play Time: 12hr."

And a review:

"Very nice mp3 player for [...] dollars..
Sound quality is great. Good battery life. Very light and thin. Has a nice little screen, and rubber backing. Loads of features for [...] bucks (normally retails for [...] - rightly so), and nice 4 gigs of capacity! Obviously it's not an ipod touch, but I'd take this over a classic ipod or ipod shuffle/nano ANY DAY.. I also like that I don't have to feel like I'm handling glass when I use it. I owned an ipod touch, and I was almost afraid to handle it because it felt so delicate. This product actually feels light and durable. Also, it makes for a great flash drive, as well as having excellent reception in the FM tuner.. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants a good mp3 player at a great price."


2012. október 9., kedd

iTrip for iPod & iPhone

iTrip for iPod and iPhone

From reviews:

1. Works Great!
"I recieved my itrip from the seller within a respectful amount of time and I am totally satisfied with the item. The itrip performs well and it will also enhance the sound of your music coming from your iphone/ipod. I use it all of the time!!!"

2. Only for iPods built after September 2009 January 23, 2010
"It's not clear from the specs--even on the box itself--which iPods this unit will support. After plugging it into my older iPod and having the screen on the iTrip simply blink at me, a trip to the Griffin support site revealed the answer: if your iPod was manufactured before September 2009, then this isn't the model for you. 

Which is fine...but it would have been nice if that was made clear before I purchased it. Now I get to return this, which just irritates me and makes me want to find another brand of transmitter for my next attempt. Anyway, hope this is of use to somebody so they don't wind up wasting their time like I did."

More on Amazon.com

2012. október 6., szombat

Listen to ipod in car - with Belkin F8Z492TTP Bluetooth Music Receiver

Listen to ipod in car - with Belkin F8Z492TTP Bluetooth Music Receiver

From the previews:

I purchased this for my vehicle, i pretty much cut the power cable and wired it to a usb header then plugged that into the rear usb input on my stereo.
I dissasmbled the case got rid of the weight, and then mounted it behind my dash.

I get 50ft from my car (closed doors) and I can control the music. if someone gets between me though it cuts out a little.
Best range is within 15ft of the headunit I get clear audio no cutting out or interference (digital so you dont get "interference" in the audio it just cuts in or out)

The most common problem I think these units get are user error.
I found this out today, I was wondering why sometimes if you just slightly nudged the belkin it would get all sorts of static, and why bass and such didint sound "full" turns out that the plug for the audio jack is really tight, I didint have it in all the way and I was kinda scared at the pressure i had to use to get the jack in all the way (you should not see any gap with the cable at all!

Now when im off-roading I can blast my music and hit any bump without skipping, loss of sound damaging phone jack, or anything.

Only negatives are problably not having headset support, not having a usb cable (the power inverter puts out 5v same as usb)

An other: :)

I looked at many such devices before buying this Belkin. Belkin has a good name in the computer/router arena. Since I recognized the name and it was 20-30% less expensive than similar devices I went for it. I had read the reviews about the limited range and the metal piece (weight) that you could remove to improve range. When I first hooked it up and tested it range was decent, sound was underwhelmingly okay. 

My laptop is about 10 feet away on the counter and the Belkin BT receiver was hooked up to our Bose wave radio. I was streaming music from my NAS drive to it. As long as you didn't walk between the laptop and the receiver everything was fine. Then I remembered the "take out the metal piece" mod that was recommended from the fine people on here who leave nice detailed reviews. So I did the mod knowing it would probably void my warranty, but hey, the drop outs were annoying. 

This seemed to make the signal better, by a little. I still was receiving drop outs and let me tell you they got worse and worse and worse as time went on. I finally put the laptop right next to the receiver/Bose and it STILL DROPPED! Just to confirm that it wasn't my router signal I hard plugged the laptop to my Bose and walah, no glitches, music played flawlessly without interruption. So in conclusion this falls under the "you get what you pay for" category in my mind. I could not honestly recommend this unit to anyone. When it worked it was sporadic and had mediocre sound at best. I just ordered the Logitech BT receiver and have high expectations based on the reviews here. I've had very good experiences with Logitech and hopefully the Logitech unit won't let me down.


2012. október 1., hétfő

Listen to iPod in your car with Belkin Bluetooth Car Hands-Free Kit

Listen to iPod in your car with Belkin Bluetooth Car Hands-Free Kit for Apple iPhone, iPod, BlackBerry,and Android Smartphones.

Product Features:
- Routes calls and music from a smartphone through car speakers
- Seamlessly switches between calls and music
- Embedded microphone mounts anywhere on the dashboard for the best voice pick-up
- Bluetooth connects to smartphone
- Aux-In connects to car stereo
- Wirelessly plays music from your iPhone/iPod touch to your car stereo
- Allows you to answer phone calls
- Bluetooth microphone has DSP to help eliminate echo noise
- Button-less pairing
- Multi-device pairing

More on Amazon.com

2012. szeptember 29., szombat

Listen to ipod in car without aux?

How to listen to iPod in car without aux? I don't know, but here is a practical gadget to listen an iPod in car:


7" 16:9 TFT LCD Display, Navigation US+ CAN Map, Bluetooth, Touch Screen, AM/FM Radio, DVD Player, iPod Control Interface, USB2.0 & SD Card Slot, Remote Control

2012. szeptember 27., csütörtök

How to connect iPod to car: iDeck Integrated Car Cassette Adapter for iPod...

How to connect iPod to car? With the iDeck Integrated Car Cassette Adapter for iPod
From a shop comment:
" Innovative Idea, Works Great with the iPhone, Great Product! I spent some time looking at all the options for mounting and playing an iPhone through my car speakers, as well as charging the iPhone. Nothing seemed to fit the bill perfectly. There are only a few options out there for mounts that charge and play music through your speakers--all of which are mounted awkwardly, directly to the cigarette lighter and down out of a safe area view to view the iPhone while driving. They all look flimsy and a little cheap.

Finally, after some searching I found this gem. I've never seen an iPhone mount that is literally mounted to a cassette adapter. It's mounted right in the middle of your radio, which is excellent as the iPhone is taking the place of the radio in the first place! It takes up less space than any other iPhone/iPod mount on the market. It really cleans up the clutter that most mounts create. It's easy to view without taking your eyes to far off the road. Tape adapter sound quality surpasses FM transmitters by a long shot. Sound quality is about a 9/10 (FM transmitters are about a 4/10). Really easy to mount and easy to view. It is a little bit wobbly where the mounting piece attaches to the cassette if you physically try to move it (which was a little bit annoying), but I corrected that very easily with a little bit of double-sided tape where the mount connects to the cassette to take up some of that extra space that allowed it to wobble. It was an easy fix to a problem that wasn't that major to begin with.

I had a little problem when I received the iDeck. The mounting bracket (there are 4 different ones included) I needed for the iPhone was missing from the package. I emailed Cyanics customer support to see if I could get this piece. They got back to me in just a few minutes with the tracking information on the piece I needed, telling me it was on its way. Cyanics customer support is second to none. I've emailed them a few times now and they have never taken more than 10 minutes to respond (imagine if every company was like that!).

The iDeck absolutely works with the iPhone, although the only way to use it as a handsfree unit (where you can hear the caller through the car speakers) is to use an extremely simple workaround that I discovered. The iDeck will charge the iPhone and play all the music, sounds, etc. through your car's speakers without any workaround. Cyanics told me I would not be able to use it as a handsfree calling device, though, because when you answer a call it switches to speakerphone and doesn't play the call through the car's speakers. You can get around this by connecting a 3.5mm cable from the iPhone's headphone jack into the jack on the iDeck labeled "AUX". It works very well. The person on the other end said I sounded loud and clear to them. If you have your car's volume turned up really loud, the caller will hear themselves echoing, but this shouldn't happen at normal volumes.

In conclusion, I'm really happy with this product. I'm extremely picky when it comes to this kind of stuff. I consider this the best iPhone car mount on the market. It's a shame it isn't advertised as an iPhone mount, because it works great."


2012. szeptember 26., szerda

Listen to ipod in car with iOttie One-Touch Windshield Dashboard Car Mount Holder

Listen to iPod in car with iOttie One-Touch Windshield Dashboard Car Mount Holder for iPod.
It seems to be made of a good quality plastic with strong knobs and hinges. It is easy to use with one touch operation system. The iPod car integration is with just one finger motion. 

It also has an innovative super strong sticky suction cup that will stick to any glass surface as well as none curved dashboard. It can be mounted in less than a minute and is also heat resistant. 

Rather your phone has a skin or a case on, big or small; it will hold your phone is place. iOttie One-Touch windshield car mount allows maximum comfort and confident driving performance. 
A smart choice is easy with iOttie. 


2012. szeptember 25., kedd

Kensington 2-in-1 Charger and Audio Cable...

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