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iTrip for iPod & iPhone

iTrip for iPod and iPhone

From reviews:

1. Works Great!
"I recieved my itrip from the seller within a respectful amount of time and I am totally satisfied with the item. The itrip performs well and it will also enhance the sound of your music coming from your iphone/ipod. I use it all of the time!!!"

2. Only for iPods built after September 2009 January 23, 2010
"It's not clear from the specs--even on the box itself--which iPods this unit will support. After plugging it into my older iPod and having the screen on the iTrip simply blink at me, a trip to the Griffin support site revealed the answer: if your iPod was manufactured before September 2009, then this isn't the model for you. 

Which is fine...but it would have been nice if that was made clear before I purchased it. Now I get to return this, which just irritates me and makes me want to find another brand of transmitter for my next attempt. Anyway, hope this is of use to somebody so they don't wind up wasting their time like I did."

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