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Boss 612UA MP3-Compatible Digital Media AM/FM Receiver

Boss 612UA MP3-Compatible Digital Media for listening to iPod in car

The 612UA is the perfect choice for a receiver for each of your digital music. It contains the necessities for having fun the media such AM/FM radio, USB port for playback of digital files, and a 3.5mm auxiliary input to listen to iPod in car (or other MP3 player). This is a "mech-less" receiver meaning there are no mechanical parts since it doesn't play back discs or cassettes.

Some review from Amazon.com:
5.0 out of 5 stars
"I installed this on a 2000 Oldsmodbile Alero and I had no issues. Just made sure that I matched the color connectors and hooked it up with the existing harness and voila, it worked. Also purchased an auxiliary cable to hook up with MP3 player and it worked like a charm. Lots of powers (200W) and could receive AM/FM signals. This unit has no CD player and is replaced by an SD Card which is fine. CD's are almost the thing of the past. All in all, I recommend this Boss 612UA car stereo/mp3 player/am/fm receiver."

3.0 out of 5 stars "Good price for the features offered, know it's limitations!"
"Pros: price, both USB & SD(HC), id3 tag display, and sound quality. Cons: crappy docmentasen [sic;], warranty will cost you, and the mp3 read order. I did the research and knew what to expect for the price I was willing to pay. The unit therefore meets my needs; the sound exceeded my expectations. I was pleasantly surprised that it takes 8GB SDHC media. Not so happy that it did not have standard mounting screw holes, in fact no mounting holes; easy to fix. One of my dislikes is that mp3 files are read in the order written to the USB/SD, not in alpha-numeric order. It therefore requires a bit of planning when putting a larger number of folders (albums) on the device (and even more planning for Mac users...hint rsync really helps!). Nice ability to skip forward & backwards by ten songs or by an entire folder (album), and doesn't have a problem with nested folders, but remember it plays files in the order written, not in the order your file system might show them to you! The other dislike is no illumination control (for night driving)."

5.0 out of 5 stars "Fantastic unit even for twice the asking price!"
"I threw this into my winter beater since it was only five bucks more than what the junkyard wanted for a factory unit. I gotta say, this thing is worth the money as long as it lasts (only had it for a week). The tuner pulls in stations as well as a factory GM unit, and will even fill your presets automatically if you wish! Aux, SD and USB all work great. It took a 8 gig SD with no problem, which I have problems with my other mechless reciever in a different car. The clock is tricky to set, but at least you have one, unlike my other mechless unit. Since the manual is worthless, this is how to set the clock: /// 1)Hold the mode/clk button for about two seconds and clock will appear. 2) Release button and immediately press again for two more seconds; clock will flash, release button. 3) use volume knob to adjust hour. 4) Depress volume button, and minutes will flash, again use the volume to adjust minutes. 5) Clock is now set. //// However, I have not discovered how to constantly display the clock. You have to hold the mode/clk button for two seconds every time you want to see the time. My other mechless reciever is the Dual XR4110, and it will be replaced with one of these come spring time as long as everything keeps working well. This thing is awesome, love it!"

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