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How to connect iPod to car: iDeck Integrated Car Cassette Adapter for iPod...

How to connect iPod to car? With the iDeck Integrated Car Cassette Adapter for iPod

From a shop comment:
" Innovative Idea, Works Great with the iPhone, Great Product! I spent some time looking at all the options for mounting and playing an iPhone through my car speakers, as well as charging the iPhone. Nothing seemed to fit the bill perfectly. There are only a few options out there for mounts that charge and play music through your speakers--all of which are mounted awkwardly, directly to the cigarette lighter and down out of a safe area view to view the iPhone while driving. They all look flimsy and a little cheap.

Finally, after some searching I found this gem. I've never seen an iPhone mount that is literally mounted to a cassette adapter. It's mounted right in the middle of your radio, which is excellent as the iPhone is taking the place of the radio in the first place! It takes up less space than any other iPhone/iPod mount on the market. It really cleans up the clutter that most mounts create. It's easy to view without taking your eyes to far off the road. Tape adapter sound quality surpasses FM transmitters by a long shot. Sound quality is about a 9/10 (FM transmitters are about a 4/10). Really easy to mount and easy to view. It is a little bit wobbly where the mounting piece attaches to the cassette if you physically try to move it (which was a little bit annoying), but I corrected that very easily with a little bit of double-sided tape where the mount connects to the cassette to take up some of that extra space that allowed it to wobble. It was an easy fix to a problem that wasn't that major to begin with.

I had a little problem when I received the iDeck. The mounting bracket (there are 4 different ones included) I needed for the iPhone was missing from the package. I emailed Cyanics customer support to see if I could get this piece. They got back to me in just a few minutes with the tracking information on the piece I needed, telling me it was on its way. Cyanics customer support is second to none. I've emailed them a few times now and they have never taken more than 10 minutes to respond (imagine if every company was like that!).

The iDeck absolutely works with the iPhone, although the only way to use it as a handsfree unit (where you can hear the caller through the car speakers) is to use an extremely simple workaround that I discovered. The iDeck will charge the iPhone and play all the music, sounds, etc. through your car's speakers without any workaround. Cyanics told me I would not be able to use it as a handsfree calling device, though, because when you answer a call it switches to speakerphone and doesn't play the call through the car's speakers. You can get around this by connecting a 3.5mm cable from the iPhone's headphone jack into the jack on the iDeck labeled "AUX". It works very well. The person on the other end said I sounded loud and clear to them. If you have your car's volume turned up really loud, the caller will hear themselves echoing, but this shouldn't happen at normal volumes.

In conclusion, I'm really happy with this product. I'm extremely picky when it comes to this kind of stuff. I consider this the best iPhone car mount on the market. It's a shame it isn't advertised as an iPhone mount, because it works great."


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