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Coby MP620-8GBLK 8 GB 1.8 Inch Video MP3 Player with FM Radio

Coby MP620-8GBLK 8 GB 1.8 Inch Video MP3 Player with FM Radio

From Amazon.com:
"Introducing the Coby MP620 Video and MP3 Player. This player combines the features you expect with easy-to-use controls refined by years of experience. Enjoy digital video and audio everywhere you go with its 1.8" TFT LCD full-color screen. Up to 8 GB of memory gives you plenty of storage for music, videos, photos, and text. Coby Media Manager software included for easy and hassle-free media syncing.What's in the box: Coby MP620 MP3 Player (Black), Stereo Earphones, USB Cable and 90-Day Limited Warranty.Audio Format Support: MP3, WMA, Video Format Support: MTV, Photo Format Support: JPG, Text Format Support: TXT.Battery Life Audio Play Time: 12hr."

And a review:

"Very nice mp3 player for [...] dollars..
Sound quality is great. Good battery life. Very light and thin. Has a nice little screen, and rubber backing. Loads of features for [...] bucks (normally retails for [...] - rightly so), and nice 4 gigs of capacity! Obviously it's not an ipod touch, but I'd take this over a classic ipod or ipod shuffle/nano ANY DAY.. I also like that I don't have to feel like I'm handling glass when I use it. I owned an ipod touch, and I was almost afraid to handle it because it felt so delicate. This product actually feels light and durable. Also, it makes for a great flash drive, as well as having excellent reception in the FM tuner.. I highly recommend this product for anyone who wants a good mp3 player at a great price."


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