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Listen to ipod in car - with Belkin F8Z492TTP Bluetooth Music Receiver

Listen to ipod in car - with Belkin F8Z492TTP Bluetooth Music Receiver

From the previews:

I purchased this for my vehicle, i pretty much cut the power cable and wired it to a usb header then plugged that into the rear usb input on my stereo.
I dissasmbled the case got rid of the weight, and then mounted it behind my dash.

I get 50ft from my car (closed doors) and I can control the music. if someone gets between me though it cuts out a little.
Best range is within 15ft of the headunit I get clear audio no cutting out or interference (digital so you dont get "interference" in the audio it just cuts in or out)

The most common problem I think these units get are user error.
I found this out today, I was wondering why sometimes if you just slightly nudged the belkin it would get all sorts of static, and why bass and such didint sound "full" turns out that the plug for the audio jack is really tight, I didint have it in all the way and I was kinda scared at the pressure i had to use to get the jack in all the way (you should not see any gap with the cable at all!

Now when im off-roading I can blast my music and hit any bump without skipping, loss of sound damaging phone jack, or anything.

Only negatives are problably not having headset support, not having a usb cable (the power inverter puts out 5v same as usb)

An other: :)

I looked at many such devices before buying this Belkin. Belkin has a good name in the computer/router arena. Since I recognized the name and it was 20-30% less expensive than similar devices I went for it. I had read the reviews about the limited range and the metal piece (weight) that you could remove to improve range. When I first hooked it up and tested it range was decent, sound was underwhelmingly okay. 

My laptop is about 10 feet away on the counter and the Belkin BT receiver was hooked up to our Bose wave radio. I was streaming music from my NAS drive to it. As long as you didn't walk between the laptop and the receiver everything was fine. Then I remembered the "take out the metal piece" mod that was recommended from the fine people on here who leave nice detailed reviews. So I did the mod knowing it would probably void my warranty, but hey, the drop outs were annoying. 

This seemed to make the signal better, by a little. I still was receiving drop outs and let me tell you they got worse and worse and worse as time went on. I finally put the laptop right next to the receiver/Bose and it STILL DROPPED! Just to confirm that it wasn't my router signal I hard plugged the laptop to my Bose and walah, no glitches, music played flawlessly without interruption. So in conclusion this falls under the "you get what you pay for" category in my mind. I could not honestly recommend this unit to anyone. When it worked it was sporadic and had mediocre sound at best. I just ordered the Logitech BT receiver and have high expectations based on the reviews here. I've had very good experiences with Logitech and hopefully the Logitech unit won't let me down.


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