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Home Karaoke System for iPod

Home Karaoke System for iPod

Product description from Amazon.com:

"Memorex SingStand is revolutionizing the way you interact with music--now you can be a star! Memorex SingStand microphone speaker system allows you to sing along with music from iPod or any MP3 device with a headphone jack. Impress your friends and family with voice control and echo effects, giving them a stellar vocal performance, then connect your own musical instruments for a truly amazing show. The full-range speakers, built into the base, offer quality sound, and if you feel like sharing the spotlight, SingStand comes equipped with dual microphone inputs for duet performances."

Reviews from Amazon.com:

"I purchased this last christmas for my girls, 9 and 6. They absolutely LOVE it. It makes them feel like real performers. If you download the karaoke songs from iTunes, while in iTunes, right-click on the song and go to the "Lyrics" tab. I then go to the internet and look up the songs lyrics. I copy and paste the words under the "Lyrics" tab in iTunes. When you connect the ipod to the microphone stand, when you select the karaoke song, the lyrics show up on the screen! I would definitely recommend this product!"

"I'm 70 years young, live alone, so I haven't disturbed anyone while having fun with my new "toy." It is well made and should give many years of enjoyment."

"I would give it a 5 star but a lot of times when I put the microphone on the stand it would make a weird vibration noise"


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