2009. december 23., szerda

XM SkyDock Car Dock

XM SkyDock Car Dock

It's compatible with iPod Touch and iPhone.

The product information from circuit city:

"Enjoy XM satellite radio or your iPod Touch and iPhone using the handy Sirius SkyDock Car Dock.

Use the Sirius SkyDock Car Dock while traveling on the road and eliminate the need to find radio stations from city to city. Its flexible stalk makes it easy to be placed just right without distracting you from driving. Listen to your favorite tunes and ease the suffering of those long rides with this versatile SkyDock.

Outstanding Features:

* Portrait or landscape view
* Flexible stalk placement

Solutions For Every Need:

* Plays and charges your iPhone and iPod Touch simultaneously while you’re on the road
* Easy to switch between vehicles and simple installation for your convenience

Take pleasure in pure sound and control of your iPhone and iPod Touch with the Sirius SkyDock Car Dock."
Price: $104.99
Some photos:

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