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Griffin iTrip Auto Universal Plus Refresh FM transmitter and PowerJolt Auto Charging for Portable Audio Players

It'sitrip car fm transmitter simply an amazing stuff. You can listen to your Mp3 Player through the car stereo speakers with ititrip fm transmitter, it works with all Mp3 Players with 3.5mm headphone Jack, with Usb port on 12V Power Adapter.
It's called "auto" because it gets its power from the car's 12 Volt accessory outlet. And "universal" because it works with any portable audio device that has a standard 1/8" headphone jack (including CDs, MP3s, cassettes, and yes, even iPod).
Additionally, the "Plus" in this iTrip model is the ability to charge your player by means of a built-in USB port. Plug in your player's USB charge/sync cable, and you get to listen to your tunes while you're traveling, and arrive with a fully-charged player. This "iTrip" is currently on sale through this link on Amazon.

Let me show you what current owners have to say about it:

I. Trent:

"I bought it at Blue Box store for $20 more, however I had to post a review on how easy this thing is. I plugged it in, pressed SmartScan, saw what station to turn to, changed my radio and I was hearing my MP3 player. Three seconds, literally. Get it. Plus it charges! Come on... - No-Brainer here folks."

Average Customer Review: 4.1 out of 5 stars.

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