2011. március 2., szerda

Soundfly SD WMA/MP3 Player Car Fm Transmitter

ipod transmitter for car

Soundfly SD WMA/MP3 Player Car Fm Transmitter for SD Card, USB Stick, Mp3 Players (iPod, Zune)

Soundfly SD allows listening to audio files like MP3 and WMA files to the portable storage devices like USB flash memory and SD card stores, etc through your car stereo speakers. It supports RDS (Radio Data System), while listening to music, you can see the displayed song and artist on your car radio.

Soundfly SD circulate it to all FM frequencies (88.1 MHz to 107.9 MHz) and stores up to 7 FM frequencies. It comes with a fully functional remote control. You can also insert a music of other MP3 players like iPod, Zune, etc. It's an easy to use ipod transmitter for your car! Easy USB or SD card in Sound-Fly & Enjoy music!

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