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Griffin RoadTrip FM Transmitter for iPhone and iPod

roadtrip fm transmitter, ipod, iphone
Griffin Roadtrip FM Transmitter works fine and it is very powerful. By reviews it overpowers a simple local FM signal if the signal isn't too strong and the channel scan works pretty well.
I can say it's ideal for a driver to listen the iPod.
And now it's just USD60.75 and this item ships for FREE with Super Saver Shipping!roadtrip fm transmitter, ipod

Official description:
Easier to use than ever, RoadTrip unlocks all the entertainment your iPhone or iPod can deliver, wherever the road takes you. RoadTrip incorporates SmartScan technology to find, memorize, and select the three best frequencies for use in broadcasting the music from your iPhone or iPod on your car's FM stereo system.
What's in the Box?
RoadTrip with SmartScan, adapters, and owners' manual.

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A roadtrip FM transmitterroadtrip fm transmitter review from a buyer:
By Michael Paradis "Diceman":
"This is a great and useful product, but must be turned to European mode to reach 87.7 - 87.9 since for some reason Griffin thinks that they are not allowed to use these frequencies (they are).

On the FM transmitter box, push the middle button (Function) and then press and hold the "Mode" button (the right one) for approximately 10 seconds. When you let go you will see a menu for "Us" "Eu" "Ja", select the middle button, "Eu". Let the device sit for a few seconds until it goes back to the main screen, then tune your radio and the transmitter to 87.7 - 87.9! Now you can use the device on the frequencies that will rarely give you interference (I have the best luck in St. Louis with 87.7)."

roadtrip fm transmitter, ipod, ipod in car, car kit

roadtrip fm transmitter, ipod, ipod in car, car kit
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