2009. november 9., hétfő

4 in 1 FM Transmitter for iPod

Broadcast your music while charging your iPhone or iPod MP3 player.
Hands Free Feature: Supports iPhone & iPhone 3G hands-free talking through the car speaker system while 3.5mm headset port is connected to the FM transmitter.
Holds your electronic securely with padded arms and the iPod dock connector.
Transmits on 4 preset FM channels ranging from 88.1-88.7 MHz.
Transmitting Range: 30 ft/10 M (Optimal reception is within 10 ft / 3M).

-Transmitter charges your iPod while plugged into your car
-Acts as a full holster for your iPod / PDA / MP3
-Solves the fitting problem from other types of docking port when the iPod / MP3 is fitted with a skin or case.
Price: $15.99. (buy.com)

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